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No power - no football. An equipment failure at the High Street substation caused a 34.5 kilovolt circuit breaker to open, which in turn de-energized a substation transformer resulting in the loss of power to two of the electric company's 13.2 kilovolt distribution circuits. Butler, Kinnelon, Bloomingdale, and small portions of West Milford and Riverdale were without electricity.

Outage hits Butler Power customers during Monday Night Football - Town Government - NorthJersey.com

To the dismay of Monday Night Football fans, there was a power outage during the Eagles/Bears game that for some customers lasted more than an hour.
According to our observation power outages in Omaha, Nebraska are quite often. This time the outage has left 2,000 residents without power. The cause appears to be a tree branch that fell on a power line.

Power outage affects hundreds in north Omaha

According to OPPD’s website, power was initally out to nearly 2,000 residents.
An equipment malfunction at a substation caused a power outage to 3,600 in Williamson County, Illinois.

Equipment malfunction cuts power to more than 3,600 in Williamson Co.

Ameren Illinois crews fixed an early morning power outage that impacted more than 3,600 customers in Williamson County.
blackout: Western Power Distribution reported a power cut in Cheltenham.

Lights go out in Cheltenham in power cut due to last until 4.30pm

Two hundred homes in Cheltenham were told they could be without power until 4.30pm today. Western Power Distribution is reporting that homes and businesses in the following postcodes are affected:...
Havoc across Bristol as 21,000 homes and businesses suffer a power cut. The city might have to endure more losses of power in the coming days.

Power cut hits 21,000 homes and businesses in Bristol

From delayed buses to cancelled lectures, there has been havoc across Bristol this afternoon as 21,000 homes and businesses lost their electricity supply. An investigation has been launched to...
1.5 million people lost power in Puerto Rico. The utility company says the outage was caused by a fire, now extinguished, at a power plant.

Massive Power Outage Hits Puerto Rico

The fire began in a switch and initially destroyed a system that provides 30 percent of Puerto Rico's overall power. This is a very serious event,' he said. 'The system is not designed to withstand a failure of this magnitude.
A police car was damaged during a protests caused by a power cut in Durban.

Power cut sparks electricity protests in Durban

Protests erupted in Durban’s Cato Manor area after residents complained about not receiving electricity, police said on Wednesday. Police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala said a crowd of about 200 people took to the streets to protest against the lack of electricity.
57,000 customers lost power Monday in Gardena, Hawthorne, Inglewood and parts of Los Angeles and Torrance. Southern California Edison is investigating the cause of that widespread power outage that forced the shutdown of a Los Angeles County refinery and raised concerns that gasoline prices in the region may temporarily go up.

L.A. Refinery Shut Down By Power Outage, Raising Gas Price Concerns

An explosion at the refinery last year caused it to operate at less than 20 percent capacity for months, sending gasoline prices in Southern California to as much as $1.50 above the rest of the nation.
Power cut in Blackburn, UK has happened due to an underground cable fault.

Blackburn homes without electricity after power cut

ELECTRICITY engineers are currently working to restore power to a large number of properties in Blackburn.
A cable fault caused power cut in Bath that was reported on Tuesday morning but has continued into the afternoon.

Power cut hits Bath homes and Paragon School

A small number of homes and The Paragon School along Lyncombe Vale Road are without electricity. A power cut was reported on Tuesday morning (September 20) but has continued into the...