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A suspicious package at a Jackson County substation is forcing the electric company to cut power so police can investigate. Brooklyn, Michigan.

Mystery package full of hand tools prompts power outage

Additional substations were affected in order to investigate
Power outage to 1,700 customers in the Columbia Heights area of Longview, WA, USA.

Power outage blacks out Columbia Heights

About 1,700 Cowlitz PUD customers in the Columbia Heights area of Longview were blacked out for nearly an hour Thursday morning.
You can expect power cuts another 30 days in Venezuela. They will just cut the power for energy saving. Venezuela's government says it will be shutting off the power for four hours a day. It's the country's latest effort to save energy, amid a drought that has caused water levels to plunge at a hydroelectric dam that produces most of Venezuela's electricity.

Venezuela Announces Daily 4-Hour Power Cuts Amid Drought

"It's necessary, it's a sacrifice," Electricity Minister Luis Motta Dominguez told the country on Thursday. The news broke as Venezuela's largest brewer said it will be suspending beer production.
Power cut in the UK. Over 5,000 homes and businesses were without power in Bangor, UK.

Power restored to 5,000 Bangor properties after equipment failure

Almost all the 5,000 Bangor properties left without power after an equipment failure have had their electric restored.
Power outage in Las Vegas

Power outage in Eastside

NV Energy is reporting a power outage on the east side. 
So many people are angry because of a power failure to Grange line, Seaford, Australia.

Seaford rail outage spreads to Grange line

Adelaide rail passengers will face even more delays this afternoon, as efforts to fix a fault affecting three train lines continue into the night.
When Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Indian government took charge two years back, the government had promised to make India free of power cuts in the next two to three years. India's Power Minister Piyush Goyal said the work to achieve this is on track.

Shout out to northern India! Power cuts will be a thing of the past, assures Power Minister Piyush Goyal

States like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana are a part of UDAY 24×7 plans and I do believe that by 2019 they should be able to have adequate capacity
TULSA, Oklahoma - power outage video review

Northeast Oklahoma Power Outage

Tuesday's storms have led to power outages across northeast Oklahoma impacting thousands.
No power, no shopping.

Walmart Closed Due to Power Outage

Eyewitness News learns an Evansville store is closed due to a power outage following Tuesday's severe weather.
Duke Energy officials tweeted out a tree on lines near Henrietta Street in downtown Greenville. The power cut is also affecting 911 calls.

Power outage affects traffic lights in Greenville, 911 center

A power outage is affecting hundreds of Duke Energy customers Wednesday near downtown Greenville.