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This is the sixth power outage in under two weeks in Fargo, and tonight's is affecting nearly 2,000 customers.

Another power outage in south Fargo

A section of south Fargo is without power after another Xcel outage.
The fire sparked when a transformer blew at the Onstead Street substation. This caused a power outage and forced people to start use generators.

Fire department responds to utility fire; power restored after outage

A fire at a electricity substation knocked out power to some customers Monday morning.
"Whitehaven had a lot of trees damaged, a lot of wires down when the trees when they break or fall onto the wires and of course it takes our wires down" - Tamara Nolen with MLGW said.

Whitehaven families upset at long restoration times after power outage

Powerful winds over the weekend left thousands of families in the dark
This power failure was small

Millington Middle Closed Due To Power Outage

Millington Middle School is closed Monday due to a small power outage.
Two-days work week - sounds good, but not when it is because of power outages. 44C (93F) at homes. Just about every business displays the same sign "no hay luz" - means no power. The country in the middle of a power crizis. Many businesses were hit by this in addition to economical crizis. CNN VIDEO report.

Venezuela orders 2-day work week to save electricity

Venezuela's President, Nicolas Maduro, announced that public sector employees will only work Monday and Tuesday in an effort to save electricity.
These power outages was due to high winds

High winds cause several power outages in Davis County | KSL.com

High winds caused several power outages in Davis County on Saturday night.
Crash into two power poles causes grass fire, power outage in Roseville, California.

Crash causes grass fire, power outage in Roseville

Authorities say two cars collided and somehow ended up crashing into two separate power poles on either side of the road, causing a power outage for some residents in Roseville. One power pole was sheared...
When power is out police takes an additional safety measurements. "At the same time as the power outage, there were reports of heavy police activity in the area, including plain-clothed officers ast Richmond railway station and police helicopters circling". Richmond, Australia.

Power out in Richmond

Workers seeking a lunchtime coffee found it hard to come by after power outage hit Richmond.
Singing in a power outage.

EmiSunshine makes positive out of power outage

A veteran musician knows how to handle the ups and downs of live shows, like when the power goes out for example.

Power outages in Australia

Saturday nights storm activity across the South West is continuing to cause problems for Power companies with over 1470 homes and businesses in Lorne and Princetown without power this morning. http://buff.ly/1WAPLj9