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The lights went out in Greenport, New York, again Wednesday morning, the second time in just over a week. The outage affected the entire village but was short.

Another Widespread Power Outage In Greenport Wednesday Morning

The outage was brief, unlike a recent outage that had residents seeing red.
According to Dominion Virginia Power’s spokesperson, Bonita Harris, the outage was caused by an underground cable failure shortly after 5 a.m. Norfolk, VA, USA.

Norfolk TCC buildings reopen after early AM power outage

Power has been returned to nearly all of the Dominion customers in Norfolk who experienced an outage early Wednesday morning.
More than 1900 people are without power in the Frayser area, Memphis, USA, according to the MLGW outage map.

MLK Jr. Prep closed due to power outage

Martin Luther King Jr. College Prep High School will be closed for the day due to a power outage, according to school officials.
The number of power cuts in the UK rose dramatically last year. The statistics in the Blackout Tracker highlight the problem of unreliable electricity supply at a time when the UK’s ageing energy infrastructure is coming under increasing pressure.

UK businesses hit by rising number of power outages

In total, there were 640 outages in 2015, a marked increase on the 537 incidents recorded in 2014. The report also found that a total of 2,564,827 people were affected by the outages, which lasted for an average of 50 minutes
Power cut in Dublin yesterday night. Earlier, ESB apologised to customers in the Ballyfermot area of west Dublin as crews worked to restore power. Ireland.

Thousands of homes and businesses without power this evening

Thousands of ESB customers experienced a 'major power fault' in Dublin this evening.
Power cut to stadium. "It's disappointing because I knew I had run a quick time. But it will not count for anything because the electronic timing was not working," Mallick told the Indian Express.

Rio 2016: Stadium power cut denies Indian athletes

Two Indian sprinters have their national records rescinded following a power cut at an Olympic qualifying meeting.
Zurich in the dark. Two transformers had been shut down due to “unknown reasons.”

RT International

A massive power outage struck the Swiss city of Zurich, electric officials have confirmed, adding that the city center lost electricity and traffic was halted. Almost an hour after the blackout, the power...
Massive power outage in Zurich, Switzerland.

20 Minuten - In der Zürcher City fiel eine Stunde lang der Strom aus - Zuerich

In der Zürcher Bahnhofstrasse und im Niederdorf ging nichts mehr. Menschen sassen im Dunkeln, die Trams fuhren nicht mehr. Die Störung konnte behoben werden.
The biggest power outage is in the McIntosh County community of Checotah. The utility reports around 1,695 customers without power.

Northeast Oklahoma Power Outage Numbers

Tuesday's storms have led to power outages across northeast Oklahoma impacting thousands.
Huge power outage in Oklahoma City, USA.

Almost 10,000 OG&E customers are without power

Almost 10,000 OG&E customers are without power Wednesday morning.